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Private Label Blueprint That Chain Stores Are Using That Nobody Is Sharing

Karen and Neil Gwartzman - Private Label Specialist - Leaders in the Industry

  • ABOUT Karen and Neil

About Neil Gwartzman

Private Label Expert and Co-founder of Private Label University

The son of a manufacturing, distribution and retail pioneer in Canada. Neil Gwartzman has been bringing ideas to life since he was just 10 years old. A visionary who conducted business in more than 10 countries around the world before the age of 30. Neil has uncovered the hidden secrets of product sourcing, manufacturing, importing and sales—both online and on retail store shelves—so much so that his colleagues say he’s downright dangerous! Having played a critical role in the rise of countless successful companies over the past 30 years, Neil has identified the key steps required to sell millions of dollars in products worldwide. Privileged to have worked under some of the most influential masters in his industry, Neil has honed his skills as an ambassador for entrepreneurs, serving today as the missing link between those that want to sell products and the customers that will buy them . Today his client list includes some of the largest retail stores in the world along with hundreds of entrepreneurs, just like you. Neil, with his business partner and wife Karen, have created the Private Label University. A place entrepreneurs can learn the secrets to sourcing, importing and private labeling products so they can stay competitive, attract a ton of customers and make a lot of money.

About Karen Gwartzman

Private Label Expert, and Co-founder of Private Label University

The daughter of an entrepreneur that helped built a pharmaceutical franchise in Canada, Karen was born into the entrepreneurial world. Nicknamed “the dreamer” by family and friends, Karen has been building businesses in just about every industry you can imagine—from fashion to health care—for more than 25 years.

An educator at heart, Karen has mentored countless clients through the process of career transition—lovingly guiding them as they step out of their comfort zone and into their entrepreneurial dreams.

Karen started private labeling products over 17 years ago, while raising her kids full time from home. This was even before the excitement of Amazon. How did she do it? Neil shared his 3 decades of knowledge, the secret formula, and Karen was able to apply everything and launch a successful brand.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology and decades of experience building her own successful business, today Karen shares her entrepreneurial insights with a holistic twist—convinced the key to entrepreneurial success lies in coaching the whole person.

Karen co-founded the Private Label University, and author of the book Private Label Secrets. Karen is an advocate for entrepreneurs who are looking to play in the physical product industry at the same level as the “big guys”. The Private Label University is a community built for product entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to see results, by learning and sharing the secrets to sourcing, importing and private labeling products so they can stay competitive and make a ton of money selling products online or in retail stores.


  • How does your teaching differ from others out there?
  • Why do you refer to your teachings as Private label Blueprint that the chain stores are using…?
  • Do you think PL business on Amazon is getting more and more difficult? At least this is what some people complain about
  • What mistakes do you see beginners do when they get excited about the private label business?
    • What mistakes the advanced sellers still do?
  • What could be the first steps for someone getting into the PL?
  • What are your suggestions for the cashflow planning?
  • Do you recommend your clients to expand to other ecommerce channels?
  • Influx of Chinese sellers on Amazon
  • How to find a profitable product without a huge upfront investment
  • Any unknown sourcing secrets (Trade fairs and Alibaba are overrated? Any other ways to reach out to factories accepting smaller MOQ while still providing good prices and quality?)
  • Which products are the best for choose for private label and where to buy them?
  • What is the strategy that is different with large box companies versus the small business owner when approaching PL products?
  • Which countries are best for which types of products?
  • How important is actually going to the country? Do you recommend using sourcing agents?
  • Can I put private label in my first product, but my brand it’s not registered yet?
  • Most suppliers stick to products within a category/specific niche. How do you find the top suppliers within every category?
  • Inflated prices on Alibaba, do you typically negotiate hard on the prices from your very first trial order? Or do you typically, negotiate as your orders get bigger?
  • I don’t have a specific product in mind. What is your process to help with product opportunity ideas?
  • If trade assurance isn’t a huge factor of safety. What measurables do you look from a manufacturer to ensure that I get what I ask for?
  • I just came from the Canton Fair contacted many suppliers and compare prices with Alibaba suppliers, most of the prices I got during the fair are actually higher than Alibaba… Did I did a bad job?


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