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Learn how to grow your amazon FBA business, outrank the competition and make more sales.

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We’ve brought together 25+ of the world’s leading Amazon experts to help you learn what it really takes to build and scale a thriving FBA business.

The AMZ Seller Summit is designed to give you a clear step-by-step guide for increasing your Amazon product listing conversions, driving internal and external traffic to your listings and knowing how to find the most profitable products and market.

Each expert speaker will open their playbook on what’s working in 2018 so you’ll get big results when it comes to product marketing and optimization. They will provide you with actionable strategies with step-by-step advice you can implement immediately.

Over 26 SPEAKERS Across All Fields

We gathered together a powerful group of over 25 entrepreneurs, successful sellers, ecommerce strategists and more to offer you the most informative and dynamic summit imaginable.

Kevin King

Illuminati Mastermind

How to instantly increase your sales on Amazon by optimizing your listing

Christian Otto Kelm

Amazon Marketing Specialist

Amazon Seo - A9 - the Hardest Firewall in Search Engine history?

Dang Nguyen


What I have learned about Amazon Canada

Anthony Bui-Tran

Seller Tradecraft

Amazon Reviews = Facebook Bots + Zonpages

Oleg Zaidiner


Amazon is a marketplace - find your market, not your product

Taz Ahsan

Amazon Entrepreneur Podcast

Importance of Cashflow and How To Fund Your PL Business

Gary Huang

80/20 Sourcing

How to quickly add SKUs from trade shows… even if you can’t make it to Canton Fair

Keith O'Brien

Seller Photo, Market Hustl

Elevate Your Brand - How Great Photography Can Improve Conversion, Increase Sales & Repel Potential Competitors

Chris Nowak

My PPC Pal

The 100% Organic Product Launch Strategy Using PPC

Karen and Neil Gwartzman

Private Label University

Private Label blueprint that chain stores are using that nobody is sharing

Aaron O'sullivan

Systems, Culture and Impact

How to Off-Load Tasks Fast & On-Board VA’s - For More Freedom, Income and Fulfilment

Rachel Greer

Cascadia Seller Solutions

Safe Products, Happy People: How to stay compliant, and out of trouble with the authorities

Chris Cuccia

Market Hustl

Reasons Products Fail and How to Ensure Yours Win

Joe Sinkwitz


Using Influencer Marketing to win on Amazon

Tom Buckland


Getting to the truth behind Discounted Products - do they still work

Nick Katz

The Japan Guy

Amazon Japan - Why, What and How

Sacha Gorelik

Amazon Listings Copywriter

Mastering the Art of Connection with Amazon Listings

Fernando Cruz

Ecommerce Entrepreneur

How to Scale your Amazon business to 8-figures

Michael Butcher


Pricing strategies for Private Labels: more profit, faster sales, and better search placement

Tanguy Rohou

Trendle Analytics

Amazon owes you money

Brendan Carbone


Using statistical forecasting techniques to improve inventory planning

Ankitha Nagaraj


Strategies to solve 3 inevitable challenges of every Amazon seller

Ben Aldern


Effective PPC: How to build a manageable account

NicK Young

Seller Tradecraft

Advanced Private Label Launch Strategies from a $10M+/Yr Amazon Seller

Paulina Masson


18 Things you should know about Pricing

Paul Dworianyn

Awesome Dynamic

How to get Amazon to do what you want

Meet Summit Host & Creator

Augustas Kligys

Originally from Lithuania, Augustas created the European Private Label Summit in 2016 and 2017 as a means of helping other Amazon sellers capitalize on the thriving European e-commerce market. Back in 2017 he also produced the Seller Optimization Summit - another online conference targeted to global Amazon sellers.

Known in the business simply as the “Amazon Summits Guy,” Augustas is committed to providing others with the opportunity to achieve success by offering powerfully informative expert sessions and guides to becoming a top Amazon seller.

His dedication has led him to gather the best information from around the world to offer his audiences. Augustas furthers his mission in supporting Amazon sellers as the founder of Orange Klik Company, helping ecommerce entrepreneurs becoming the best at what they do.

AMZ Seller Summit 2018 will be Augustas’ 4th virtual summit for Amazon sellers, with the three previous editions being extremely well-received by both attendees and the speakers.

During the event, you will receive amazing business strategies, tips and insights

Product and Market Research

Are you wondering why your product is not selling? One of the main reasons Amazon FBA sellers fail is because they do not know how to do product and market research the right way. They invest a lot of money in the wrong product, list it on Amazon, and everytime they check their Amazon Seller Central app, they see nothing but 0s or negative dollar amounts. This is discouraging and would scare a lot of new sellers into quitting.

But you do not have to be like those sellers. Because there are ways to know exactly what shoppers are buying on Amazon. Learn the secrets of product and market research during this special session.


Alibaba and the Canton Fair in China come to mind when most sellers think about sourcing products, but there are other effective ways to source that are unknown to many sellers. Most never heard of the many tradeshows that take place in China every year. Being familiar with these tradeshows and what they can offer could give you an advantage over your competitors.

Learn more about these little-known resources and how they can help your Amazon business.

Product photography

Having great product photos is one of the best ways to turn an Amazon shopper into a buyer. Photos that look unprofessional could erode the potential buyer’s trust, but beautiful photos help make customers visualize a positive experience using your product even if several others are selling the exact same thing.

Learn why great photography and photo editing is essential to a great Amazon listing and how it can increase your sales.

Copywriting Tips, Tricks

Amazon shoppers read your product title, features and even your product description to determine whether or not your product is actually want they want or need. Since they cannot test or even hold your product before they buy it, you have to sale your product through words. You can have the best product on the market with the best benefits, but if you fail to effectively express that in your listing, you could lose sales to your competitors.

Let our experts show you how the best copywriters are using words to turn Amazon shoppers into committed customers.

Product Launch Strategies

Another big reason why Amazon FBA sellers fail is because they do not know how or when to launch their products. It is so important to launch your products correctly. After you have found your supplier and are ready to begin selling, you should have the perfect launch plan already in place.

Learn how to craft powerful product launches that will keep you ahead of other sellers in your product market. Do not let a bad launch keep you from making the sales you really want.

Influencer Marketing

Top Amazon sellers use several different methods to spread the word about their products and attract more customers. One of the ways they do this is by taking advantage of influencers. Influencers are people who have large audiences and can review your product, promote it and even have giveaways. If members of an influencer’s audience has an interest in your product, it could lead to more sales for you.

Learn why you should add influencers to your list of ways to promote your product and increase your sales this year.

Repricing Strategies

Choosing the right price for your product can be a challenge. If the price is too low, it can affect your profit margin, and if it is too high, you risk the chance of not having as many sales. But the right price and strategy can make all the difference and keep you from worrying about expensive storage fees.

Our experts will teach you everything you need to know about using the best repricing strategies and winning the Buy Box.

Product Listing Optimization

If you do not create a product listing that makes shoppers want to buy your product over others, you will not get the sales you really deserve. Listing products on Amazon that gets people to buy, even if there are a lot of other sellers selling the same product, takes having the right keywords, understanding what your audience wants and being familiar with Amazon’s algorithms.

From the layout, keyword optimization, copywriting and your description, learn everything you need to know about creating a persuasive and informative Amazon product listing that will turn shoppers into buyers.

Summit Includes 25+ Exclusive Training Sessions

that teach proven tips & tricks to grow your Amazon FBA Business

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Our experts will actually share secrets that will make you more sales

Would you like to make more sales on Amazon? What if some of the best Amazon FBA sellers in the world told you exactly how to continuously make more sales? Would you be interested in hearing what they say? This summit features 25+ training sessions from the world's leading Amazon experts. Learn their secrets and methods for building a successful Amazon FBA business during this exclusive training.

The competition rate on Amazon is increasing fast. You have to learn how to stay ahead of your competitors

You have a better chance of staying ahead of the competition if you continuously learn new strategies to help build a sustainable business. Our leading experts will teach you how to stand out among all the new competition in 2018 without overspending. Learn what it takes to compete on Amazon today and why some sellers are successful in markets that appear to be saturated.

The access is FREE (for a very limited time)

Although most summits like this one cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you can claim your ticket for FREE. But you must act now! Each masterclass will only stream free for JUST 1 DAY — then it'll be locked up in the AMZ Seller Summit Premium vault forever.


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It’s a gathering of inspirational, knowledgable speakers

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