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What I Have Learned About Amazon Canada

Dang Nguyen - Amazon Consultant & Partner at Propulzion Agency

  • ABOUT Dang

Dang has an entrepreneurial fire inside that is always burning and that fuels his path in life. He is a successful Amazon seller, has passion for marketing, human psychology, success stories and his three sons. He is a man with a creative mind with an even greater vision. Dang is the admin of a Facebook group (Amazon FBA Canadian Prime Seller Community) dedicated to helping Canadians succeed in building online e-commerce businesses. He is a lifelong learner and uses his knowledge to help others realize their dreams through private coaching. Most recently, he has started Propulzion — an agency designed to help companies of all sizes sell profitably on Amazon.


  • Why Sell on Amazon Canada?
  • How to Start Selling on Amazon Canada
  • Product Research: US vs Canada
  • Product Delivery to Customers on Canada
  • Should You Take Into Account the French Language?
  • Strategies to Make the Most of Your First Products Launch in Canada
  • How to Get Organic Reviews
  • Useful Software Tools for Amazon Sellers in Canada
    • Why You Shouldn’t Rely on One Single Tool
  • Selling on Amazon.com (US) vs Selling on Amazon Canadian
  • Lessons For Entrepreneurs and Sellers
  • Amazon FBA Canadian Prime Seller Community Facebook Group: What is it and What Does it Do?
  • What is Propulzion Agency? And What Services Does it Offer?
  • How to Reach Out to Dang


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