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Importance of Cashflow and How To Fund Your PL Business

Taz Ahsan - Host Of The Amazon Entrepreneur Podcast and Private Label Seller

  • ABOUT Taz

Taz Ahsan is the host of the popular Amazon seller podcast The Amazon Entrepreneur.

He started his Amazon journey in January 2017 using the Retail Arbitrage business model for a few months and then went into Wholesaling for a short period.

It was then in July 2017 when Taz started his Private Label journey and decided to create the Amazon Entrepreneur podcast. In his podcast, he not only shares his journey with others so that they could learn from his mistakes but also interviews some of the most influential sellers/services in the space and the multi-million dollar mistakes they made!

Outside of Amazon, Taz is a health and fitness nut and is an avid bio-hacker always looking at ways to improved productivity, health and life! He needs this as he is still holding down a full time job at a large tech company in Boston.


  • Understanding Cash Flow
    • What is Cash Flow?
    • Why is it Important to Understand?
    • How Can it Affect Your Business?
    • How Much Cash Do I Need to Get Started for my First Product?
  • Rule of Thumb for Cash Flow
  • 10 Ways to Fund Your Private Label Business


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