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Safe Products, Happy People: How To Stay Compliant, And Out Of Trouble With The Authorities

Rachel Greer - Founder and Managing Partner of Cascadia Seller Solutions

  • ABOUT Rachel

With two masters degrees under her belt, one an MBA and the other in History, it is clear that Rachel is a lifelong and avid learner! One who envisions a world where only safe, compliant products are being sold. After almost 8 years at Amazon.com working primarily with product safety and product development, a bleak picture has begun to form with respect to product offerings on the market. Some products simply aren’t safe. Sometimes the consequences are severe.

Focusing on compliance for the largest online retailer in the world has given Rachel a unique perspective on safety. This perspective has brought forth the drive to really get the message out there that safety matters, and manufacturers and sellers of products need to be diligent about looking out for their customers’ well-being. Tragedies such as the non-compliant hoverboards that were catching fire, burning homes down and killing people during one recent holiday season, are completely preventable. Had those hoverboards been manufactured to the proper standards, the biggest holiday tragedy might have been a skinned knee or a bruised ego. But that is not at all how the story unfolded.

It is unfortunate that many of today’s “gurus” are not teaching compliance in their product development course offerings. But it does make sense that they would not, because it’s very hard to become an expert in compliance. After all, until recently there was nowhere one could go to obtain a degree or even just structured learning about compliance. The only way to gain the knowledge was to have the experience, and the one expert in the product development space who truly has that experience, is Rachel.

And because of that life long passion for learning and that desire to spread the message far and wide, product compliance finally has a voice! Thanks to the expertise of one, you too can gain the knowledge to offer really great products and to rise above the rest.


  • How to be Compliant When Sourcing Globally and Selling Globally
    • What Amazon Learned
    • Compliance Requirements for Amazon Sellers
    • Compliance Requirements for Amazon Vendors
    • Products of Concern for Amazon (Additional Insurance Required)
  • Why You Must Know Your Factory
  • What Else Can Cause Problems When Sourcing Globally?
  • How to Not Get Sued or Conduct a Recall
    • How to Defend Yourself if Either of These Happen


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