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How To Get Amazon To Do What You Want

Paul Dworianyn - Owner at Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions

  • ABOUT Paul

Great to meet you! I’m Paul Dworianyn, President of Awesome Dynamic. With a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, I worked as a college instructor and school administrator for 12 years before transiting to the world of web design and development. In 1994, I started making websites as a freelancer before quickly settling into the world of SEO. Since then, I was able to sell my successful website and SEO company and commit myself fully to Amazon consulting.

I started my own Amazon seller account 8 years ago and, to this day, continue to increase sales and maintain healthy profit margins. In that time, I’ve worked within the Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms to help hundreds of Amazon sellers grow their online business, both in the US and abroad. Today, I manage my own Amazon consulting company that has doubled in size every year for the last 3 years. My team offers unparalleled Amazon consulting services to help put our clients head and shoulders above the competition.


How to Get What You Want From Amazon

  • Firm Technique
    • 3 Tips on How to be Firm
  • Polite Technique
    • 2 Tips on How to be Polite
  • Patience Technique
    • 3 Tips on How to be Patient
  • Persistence Technique
    • 3 Tips on How to be Persistent

Understanding Amazon’s Internal Teams

  • Seller Support “Silos”
  • 3 Methods of Contact
  • The “Captive” Team
  • Executive Seller Relations
  • “Dear Jeff” Letters


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