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Elevate Your Brand - How Great Photography Can Improve Conversion, Increase Sales & Repel Potential Competitors

Keith O’Brien - CEO of SellerPhoto.com, CEO of MarketHustl.com

  • ABOUT Keith

Father, Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker with 25+ years in Sales, Marketing & Leadership Development.

Keith is the former CEO of iLoveToReview.com.

Keith’s companies have worked with thousands of Amazon businesses from all over the world and have helped them launch and grow their brands. Clients range from those launching their first product and want to do it right, to $100M+ brands looking to streamline and systemize their business.


  • History of iLoveToReview
  • 3 Core Values of Seller Photo Company
  • Types of Amazon Sellers
  • The Importance of Great Product Photography
  • Why Your Hero (Main) Image is Important
    • Tips on Creating the Best Hero Image
  • The Importance of Your Image Stack
    • How to Get a Wholesome Emotion From Your Customer and Tell The Story of Your Product
    • Why You Need to Have Less Graphics on Your Images
  • Selling Your Products Using Only Your Product Images
  • Why You Need To Elevate Your Brand
  • Understanding Amazon’s Terms of Service
  • Seller Photo’s Product Photography Process To Elevate Your Brand
  • The Importance of Brand Registry
  • Tips for Great Product Photography
  • Ethical Use of Stock Photography
  • Keith O’Brien’s Perspective on Business and Life
  • What is Seller Photo? And What Services Does it Provide?


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