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How To Scale Your Amazon Business To 8-Figures

Fernando Cruz - Cofounder @ 8-figure Amazon business, Partner @ Seller Tradecraft

  • ABOUT Fernando

Fernando Cruz is a serial ecommerce entrepreneur who builds brands on the online marketplaces. He has an aptitude for growth and in less than 3 years, he has been able to generate over $10 million in revenue per year and grossing $20M cumulatively. His expertise in Amazon strategy, product selection, and business development has led to the introduction of over 200 products to the market. Fernando is also a partner at Seller Tradecraft, an online community and digital education program for both new and experienced sellers.


  • Keys to Scaling Your Business
  • Advantages of Automating Your System
  • Should You Focus Solely on Only Amazon or Should You Split Your Products on Different E-commerce Platforms to Scale?
  • How to Keep Yourself (and Your Team) Healthy
  • How to Set Up Business Goals
  • Useful Project Management Tool/s
  • Rewards for Hitting Company Goals
  • Cash Flow Management Tips
  • Strategies for Launching Products
  • Examples of Good Ranking Softwares
  • Questions You Should Ask Yourself if You Want to Scale Your Business
  • Advice for New Sellers or for Sellers Who Aren’t Doing Well on Their Business
  • What is Seller Tradecraft? And What Does it Offer?
  • How to Reach Out to Fernando Cruz


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