The 100% Organic Product Launch Strategy Using PPC

Chris Nowak - 7-Figure Amazon seller, Brand Consultant & Founder of My PPC Pal

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Chris Nowak, husband and father to two little girls, is a 7-figure Amazon seller, Business Consultant & Founder of My PPC Pal. After selling used video games in 2003 and conch pearls in 2010, he started his first private label brand in 2015 and quickly scaled it to 7-figures in revenue in 12 months. Following success in his own businesses, he decided he would help consult for other business owners and help them grow to the 7-figure mark and escape the head trash of growing a business. His most recent project is My PPC Pal, which helps Amazon sellers automate optimizations for their Amazon Sponsored Products and get the most from their on Amazon advertising.


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  • Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy
    • When should I turn them on?
    • Find as many keywords as possible
    • Campaign Structure
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    • Bid Prices
    • Optimizations


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